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The Social Study

For Researchers

The Social Study panel is a scientific mixed-mode (online and on paper) probability panel of 5.000 Belgian residents aged 16 years and older, randomly selected from the national register, providing a representative sample of the Belgian population. Our aim is to facilitate, boost and integrate high-quality survey research in all fields of science. The panel provides a systematic way to monitor life and society in Belgium. It is a research endeavor entirely supported and organized by academics in all 10 Belgian universities.

The Social Study (TSS) invites panelists to respond to surveys 8 times a year, covering a wide range of topics across various scientific fields. Researchers from all science domains can apply to field their own surveys (for a fee) and can request to make use of the already collected data made available in open access.

Our annual core study questionnaire collects essential information among our panelists (available in Dutch or French). This data is made available for free to the scientific community, minimizing the need to repeat basic inquiries within the TSS panel.

With data exclusively collected for scientific purposes, The Social Study offers affordable opportunities for interdisciplinary research, including longitudinal and experimental designs.

TSS applies an open data policy. After an embargo period of one year, all collected data is made available to the research community upon registration. By embracing the trend of online probability panels across Europe, the TSS panel provides new opportunities for scientists in Belgium to conduct high-quality research.

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