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Rules and conditions

Researchers and analysts who have signed the data use agreement are granted access to the data archive for a period of two years. To maintain access beyond this period, researchers must reapply. Failure to do so will result in denial of access and require researchers to delete all TSS data files from their personal devices. Notifications will be sent to inform researchers when their access period is expiring.

TSS data are freely available for use by researchers, policy makers, and others interested in utilizing the data, subject to the following rules and conditions:

The use of TSS data is restricted to scientific purposes only, and any commercial or other economic use of the data is not permitted.

Researchers are authorized to publish TSS data only in a summarized manner. Presentation or publication of individual cases, even with no direct connection to any real person, is strictly prohibited.

Internal distribution of TSS data is not allowed. All researchers who wish to use TSS data must register individually with the archive and sign the data use agreement.

All TSS data and materials should be cited in accordance with scientific practice. More information on citation can be found here.