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The official start of The Social Study

After an extensive preparation, The Social Study is starting this week!

18.000 randomly selected Belgian residents will receive an invitation letter to participate in The Social Study panel. In this letter, they will receive more information about what this project entails and will be invited to complete the welcome questionnaire. This way, they can get to know The Social Study and, at the end of this questionnaire, decide whether they want to become a panel member or not.

Those who are invited can fill out the questionnaire online using the code provided in the invitation letter. For those who prefer not to complete the welcome questionnaire online, an interviewer will visit the respondents at their homes a few weeks after receiving the invitation letter.

When becoming a member of The Social Study, individuals will receive 6 to 10 questionnaires on various topics throughout the year. Panel members are invited to complete these questionnaires and will receive rewards for their participation each time!

Over the next year, The Social Study will grow into a panel of 5000 Belgians. We look forward to conducting reliable scientific research based on this panel and gaining a better understanding of our society!

Have you been invited to participate? Click here.

Are you a researcher and interested in more information about The Social Study’s possibilities? Click here.